QuickReg® Product Registration

Connecting the Unconnected

With QuickReg®, you can build effective registration workflows for your customers across digital and traditional channels.  Better communicate with your customers where they live, work, and play with QuickReg®.

Registration Made Easy

Building rich product registration experiences for your customers is simple with QuickReg®. You design and deploy multi-channel registration communications and   our platform handles the heavy lifting for you.

Content & Workflow Management

With our tools you build registration processes for web, SMS text, voice and other channels interactively. Once you deploy and promote your registration channels, customers can start their journey with your products with richer, yet more efficient, experiences.

Omni-Channel Registration

With QuickReg®, you don’t just need to rely on a basic web registration form. Meet your customers, where they live and work — on SMS text, on social media, on mobile, and almost every other imaginable channel.

AI-Powered Platform

Beneath the hood, QuickReg® is powered by intelligent image and natural-language processing, as well as a scalable architecture that can handle complex, high-volume operations.

Build. Deploy. Promote.

QuickReg® let’s you design product registration content — SMS workflows, web pages, and more — across interactive channels. Once your registration streams are built and deployed, you can promote registration via your website, product inserts, product packaging, and other channels. Contact us to learn more.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

Start your customers’ first product experience the right way. Quick, efficient product registration establishes a good relationship that you can nurture and grow. QuickReg® helps you build those first positive experiences, so you can know who your customers are.

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